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We're going to South America
and everyone else can suck it!
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20th-Feb-2007 01:11 am - T minus ZERO DAYS. For me.
Wow guys, as soon as I get done with work here, I'm goin to sleep through the day, and then Kim and I are departing!

Jen you will be pleased to know Kim has found our luggage tags and tickets and such, and packed them safely away. So I think we're all set. I hope I'm not forgetting anything... I guess that's what shopping on tropical islands is for, though. Passport is already in glove compartment, so that can't be forgotten, either.

Give me a call in between flights and keep me posted as to your whereabouts as you travel cross country.

Kim, here's the itinerary I came up with for us:

Tues, 6pm: Leave pdx
Wed, 5am: Arrive SLC, stop for breakfast, drink caffiene, etc. Leave SLC by 6am
-insert MAD driving here-
Wed, 11pm: Stop for the night. Hopefully we will have made it 2,000 miles, putting us roughly around St Louis, MO. This only means we have to be awake for like 30 hours of straight driving. That's not horrible. Okay it is, but it's also doable.
Wed, 11pm-7am: Sleep. 8 hours, even!
Thurs, 7am: Depart. Drive until about midnight. This should put us roughly in Jacksonville, FL, and is only about 17-18 hours of driving.
Thurs, midnight: Stop for the night and sleep. IF we've actually made it to Jacksonville, we can get a whole 8 hours in, since it's only another 6 hours to Miami.
Fri 6-8am: Leave, drive to Miami, be there by 1pm. Meet up with everyone else. Cruise around the western hemisphere. Flaunt our hot shit.

The end.
18th-Feb-2007 09:05 am(no subject)
Ok, so I know I said this a while ago, but since everyone (should) have their passports now, you should go to the royal caribbean site, and login/fill out your online check-in info, as i described in this entry. This will save us time at the pier so we can get on the ship sooner (according to them) and I'm all for that.

Also, Krista, remember the luggage tags and whatever else the cruise people sent you (with Mike's name on them because our travel agent is a sexist bastard-woman). I'll remind you again if you wish. But yeah, those might be important. Kim, you are in charge of making sure those are in the mini when you guys leave Portland.

I am off to start packing now, since 19 days of vacation is a tad intimidating.

Hope everyone's weekends were lovely. What am I saying, I've read your posts, so I know how your weekends went!

I'll be in touch.
8th-Feb-2007 09:17 am(no subject)
I booked us a room at the Whitelaw, which we can cancel if we wish, but the hotels seem to be filling up, and I didn't want us to get screwed. Plus they had a 3 nights for the price of 2 special...not that that matters because we're not paying, but i'm a sucker for free things.

If you guys decide we'd be better off with a pool and private beach at the miami beach resort, we can always do that instead. Just let me know, as I think either would be fine.

Back to work (or not work) now!
Jen Level
Snazzy South Beach Hotels:
The Beacon - $172, free wireless, free breakfast
The Whitelaw - $125-150, parking-$20, "steps" from ocean, free drinks from 7-8pm, free breakfast
These have pools, but are apparently not as snazzy, or are slightly off the main South Beach "drag":
The Sovereign - $140/night, oceanfront, full hot breakfast ($10/person/day surcharge)
Circa 39 - $160, valet-$18, "steps" from the beach, 1/2 price happy hour in lounge, free breakfast
Indian Creek - $169/night, 1 block from beach
This one has a private beach...
Miami Beach Resort - $179/night, oceanfront
5th-Feb-2007 12:17 pm(no subject)
comma sutra
Well kids, I finally got around to asking Paul if HTA would foot the bill for our hotel, and he gave me a nice solid "Yes." I'll start looking for a hotel, so if anyone has any suggestions or wants to check too, that'd be lovely. He said it should be "reasonable" and we established that this, in Miami, means under $200 a night.

Guess we should also start looking for fun stuff to do in Miami. And, most important, good places to feed. So unless anyone has any strong objections, I say we stay in Miami until you two (being Krista & Kim) decide to head North. It's free, after all (or at least the most expensive part is free) and I'm sure there are a few days worth of Miami fun we can scare up.

I think I'll watch Big Trouble tonight for inspiration.
23rd-Jan-2007 09:41 am(no subject)
Jen Level
Credit card bill has been paid. Thanks to everyone for getting me their money on time!

Krista reports that she has received our tickets along with 3 luggage tags apiece, which we're assuming means we can each bring 3 bags. Leave your illegal drugs at home though.

Is anyone else getting really excited??? I am. That's all.
12th-Jan-2007 05:06 pm - Aruba
Hey guys, I really think we should do this excursion in Aruba.

You go out on a sailboat to 3 different snorkling places, one of which is the sunken warship, AND the sailboat has a rope swing you can use, AND you get an open bar (where the legal drinking age is 18).

We're in aruba from 7am-1am. Looking at their website, http://www.jollypirates.com, they have 2 different tours, one from 9:30-3, and one from 3-6pm. It looks fun.

and yes, I am getting a bit obsessed. I cant help it, work bores me, and I like getting paid to scour the internet for offensive Aruban phrases (they speak Piamento there). 42 more days!
11th-Jan-2007 03:06 pm - excursions
Okay, well I am completely open to doing anything, everything, or nothing on our cruise, but while at work I tend to go browse the internet. Today's website was our cruise excursion offerings.

Here are ones that sound interesting, at least to me. We can't do them all, but listing them gives me something to do.

snorkling - Snorkling in Aruba, at Malmok Reefs and Boca Catalina and the WWII German Shipwreck, Antilla. 4 hours, $42, includes all snorklin equipment and an open bar.

drinking tour - Aruba, 4 hours, $52. They take you to 5 local bars, buy your first drink at each one, teach you to merenge, but really the best part about this tour is the line that says "it is your responsibility to make it back to the ship." Haha. Plus you only have to be 18 here to participate in the drinking.

Jetboats - Aruba, 1.5 hours, $50, speed around really fast over the reefs and look at possibly cool things.

Aruba Tour - Aruba, 3 hours, $52, ride around on a bus with an open bar and learn about Aruba, hang out at the beach, shop, and did I mention the open bar?

Parasailing - Grand Caymans, $79, 1 hour. I went parasailing in Hawaii, it was really cool. You could see sharks swimmin around in the water waay below.

Scuba Diving - Aruba, $87, 1.5 hours. In case we're feeling adventurous.

zipling/rafting - Costa Rica, 10 hours, $145. On the off chance we have nothing better to do in Costa Rica, there's always tumbling down rapids and nearly dying.

I must go on my break now so I'll just post this as is. If anyone has anything to add, go for it.
11th-Jan-2007 10:48 am(no subject)
I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow, so I'll probably be out of touch until next Friday.

So that everyone knows:
-Mike + Jen itinerary for Feb 23-
Depart PHX 1:50am - Arrive Houston 5:19am
Depart Houston 7:30am - Arrive Miami 10:59am
We can take a cab to the pier for $24 if needed.

-Shore/Land excursions-
Everyone should take a look at those, so we can pick out a couple if we want to do them. We can always go off on our own too for boozing/beaching/bananaing (i needed another b-word)

Must arrive in my bank account by Friday, January 19, so I can pay the credit card bill, as I do not have $5000 just lying around. If this does not happen, we'll have to pay the finance charge, and it just seems lame to spend money on things non-cruise-related.

I think that's all we need to concern ourselves with at present, so long as everyone's passports arrive on time we should be in good shape.

I will be staying in Miami until March 13, and anyone who wants to can come chill at our sweet resort property during the annual meeting. Both Paul and Brody are bringing people, so I figure anyone who wants to can come and hang out with me (at least to use the pools and whatnot). Will establish shortly if HTA will be putting me up/if I'll be needed in Miami from March 5-8...as soon as Paul seems to be in a giving-sort of mood.

Let me know before tomorrow if you need anything further, otherwise I will be reachable by cell phone. Free trip to Vegas, here I come!
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